Shipping to Poland is safe and not so difficult.

In the year 2004, Poland joined European Union, since then many laws have been unified in order to simplify the economic relations with other members of EU. There is no custom clearance and no taxes when you send an object of art to Poland from the country being a member of EU.

A few simple advices how to send us a lot :

  • You find a local shipper. We suggest simply air cargo companies like Lufthansa Cargo or professionals specialised in packing and sending art objects. If you are able to pack and believe you can do it properly you can use DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS. We can also provide you many tips how safely pack your item. Otherwise it is recommended you find a professional art shipping company.
  • In most of cases we can provide insurance coverage for items being sent to us, provided it is shipped by FEDEX, UPS, DHL.
  • You pack the painting carefully especially if it has a fragile frame (watch for corners !). Some shipping companies can do it for you for a fee.
  • Prepare the necessary documents depending if you ship from European Country or other locality – see below
  • If you ship from EU country you can use even a regular post service – there is no clearance on the Polish border and it usually arrives safely.

Sending a lot to Poland from an European Union country (Germany, France etc.)

There are still some restrictions related to export of art – especially all items older than 50 years AND exceeding certain value levels are subject to export license . However if you send us a lot from a country member of EU, it is allowed to be returned back without need of licence within 3 years provided you send the following:

  • If a lot was bought on auction (not earlier than 3 years): auction catalogue including picture of the lot and an invoice from the auction house
  • If a lot was bought in a gallery: an invoice from the gallery with photograph of the lot
  • If a lot is from your private resources – we need your copy of identity card, picture of a lot with written attestation that it is your property and your signature.

All this is necessary to show authorities that a lot arrived to us not earlier than 3 years.

Sending a lot to Poland from outside of EU country
(USA, Israel, Ukraine, etc)

  • We need from you documents as proforma invoice – it is very important you include 3 originals.
    We need an original for custom clearance procedure, any xero, fax won’t do. Upon our experience, we know, that if you prepare 3 originals we get finally 1, others are taken by shipper. A specimen of proforma invoice can be downloaded from our Download section.
  • You send us via email an airway bill no (AWB) as soon as you get it from your shipper. We can then prepare custom procedure before even the object lands in Warsaw. If you send it by Fedex or other courier please mail us the tracking number as soon as possible.
  • VAT tax. There is 8% VAT tax on art objects if they arrive outside EU. Certainly we do all clearances but you must consider this extra cost – we usually report it to buyers, but there are sometimes cumbersome custom procedures involved.

Before sending the painting,  we send you our consignment sale agreement (a specimen you can download here), with a request you fill it and send us one copy back. Upon the agreement we will be able to transfer you money after the sale.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact Joanna Dziewulska ( – our import specialists.