We sell mostly Polish art… so if you have an art object that may be of Polish origin you are just in the best place!

Below we list several steps if you are interested in Auction Sale on consignment basis. If you prefer we buy an item directly from you then please consult our Direct Purchases section.

Look at several steps we apply when accepting paintigs:

  • First of all we need a picture of the object. You can send us it via email (to: or post, including all info you can gather – exhibitions, provenance, even some family stories . It is very useful for us to track the object history, and any fact adds much to its value.
  • Since we get the photo, we can quickly answer you if the object is in our interest and if it is we provide you our estimation.
  • If you agree we ask you to send us the item – the detailed info about shipping is in our website section Shipping Guide.
  • Once the painting comes, our Experts look at it and if the authenticity is confirmed, we send you back our consignment sale contract asking you to return us back the original signed by you. It is important we have a copy signed originally by you because only upon this document we will be able to transfer you money after the sale (our banks require it). You can download the specimen of the contract from our Download Page.
  • Commission rate.. We work on the consignment basis so we take commission off sale value of the lot when sold. Our regular commission rate is 18% calculated on the price sold (without the premium). If a lot sells for 1000 we take 180 and you get 820.
  • If the painting is sold, we pay the owner 2 weeks after the auction date. We can easily transfer you money on your bank account anywhere in the world, no matter Europe or US or even Argentina). We can obviously give you cash if you decide to visit our beatiful country, either.
  • If the painting is unsold, we reserve ourselves a right to sell it in our gallery for one month after the auction date. After this time we can eventually send you back the painting or try to sell it with different price or wait for your instructions.

Most important – you pay nothing for our services, even if the painting is unsold.

It means that all costs of photography, experts, catalogues etc is on our side. Only the costs of renovation or frame repair will be charged to you. In these case, however, we always first present you the calculation for your acceptance.

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