Export restrictions and licences

Poland is known to have strong laws forbidding export of objects of art older than 50 years.

Administrative delays when applying for export permit from Poland extended recently to unbelievable period of several months . Due to this fact we cannot guarantee our foreign clients to provide export permit in respectable delays. Please consider this fact if you intend to bid with us.

However the limits stated below are still valid.

There are two factors that affect the export possibility : age (limit of 50 years) and value.
Depending on the media of an item, there are value limits below which export is free of charge and time consuming paperwork.

For example:

  • limit to paintings is set to 40 000  pln
  • paper works limit = 16 000 pln
  • drawings limit = 12 000 pln
  • sculptures limit = 20 000  pln
  • photographs, maps, books limit= 1500 euro

Limits include auction premium.

If an object is:
older than 50 years and its value < limitor

younger than 50 years regardless value

no special action required
older than 50 years AND value > limit export licence is obligatory

In some rare cases, when the object is of great cultural value for the Polish State , the licence may be refused at all.

Collecting personal information
We are also obliged by law to collect the personal data of buyers (address, id no) spending or receiving by sale, amounts exceeding 15 000 euro (or equivalent in Pln).