We specialise in selling Polish art. If you are looking to sell an item that may be of Polish origin you have come to the right place.

It’s easier than you think, with these 3 simple steps:


Upload photographs and tell us about your item


Our contracts are short but comprehensive


No VAT or customs fees involved


Tell us about your item and send us its photographs in this form or via email.

What we need to know
  • artist name
  • item type
  • dimensions
  • past exhibitions
  • any family stories you might have related to the item

Sometimes even the smallest details can boost an item’s value  

At the end of this step

We will let you know:

  • if we are the right auction house for you
  • our preliminary price estimates*

* These estimates are based on digital photographs and therefore purely informative. Preliminary estimates are subject to change after physical examination of the item by our experts.

More detailed submissions allow us to get back to you faster and provide you with more accurate preliminary evaluation figures.


A soon as we reach an agreement we will send you all the necessary paperwork.

The documents you will receive

Consignment Contract
Terms of Sale

If you are outside the EU you will also receive a:

Pro Forma Invoice

If you’d like to see examples of the paperwork check out our download page.

How to file your documents

email us your signed Consignment Contract (and Pro Forma Invoice for clients outside the EU)


send us the paper version of your signed Consignment Contract by regular mail or courier:Agra Art
Wilcza 70
Warsaw, Poland

Agra Art address
Agra Art
Wilcza 70
Warsaw, Poland


No VAT or customs fees involved.

In our experience it is best to use reputable courier services like: DHL | UPS | FedEx

European Union Shipping from an EU country?

No additional arrangements needed.

There are no customs procedures when shipping items within the EU via courier.

It’s as easy as shipping your item within the borders of your own country.

Non EU Shipping from outside the EU?

You will additionally need to:

  • Supply a signed paper version of your Pro Forma Invoice to your courier.
  • Allow extra time for customs procedures.

*Your item will enter Poland, and in turn the EU, as a temporary customs admission. You can find out more from our FAQ.

 We take care of all other customs procedures for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary customs admission allows goods to be brought into the European Union with total or partial relief from import duty.

More information can be found on the European Commission website.

*Bare in mind we have no control over the customs procedures or their duration.

Temporary customs admission has the following benefits:

  • no customs fees for item entry in Poland (and the EU)
  • ability to sell the item worldwide
  • hassle-free return of your item if unsold
  • no additional paperwork or fees

We strive for clarity and expediency. We also try to keep any financial procedures as straightforward as possible.

  • we don’t charge you, the seller, any VAT charges
  • your only initial cost is courier services when you ship the item
  • if your item is unsold this remains the only cost to you
  • if your item sells we usually charge a commission of 18% (to learn more about our commission and what it entails see here)
  • if the need for additional costs arises (restoration, re-framing) we will not proceed with those without your permission
  • we are allows available to answer any questions and concerns you might have

The buyer bears all VAT charges. Therefore you, as the seller, don’t need to pay any VAT charges.

We excel at personalised customer service. Your Agra consultant will be with you every step of the way. This means they will always have the most current information about your item, contracts, procedures and concerns. Our team is very close knit, so even in an event of sick leave / maternity leave / vacation our consultants work together to provide the best customer service experience possible.

Your item is always covered by our Lloyd’s insurance while on Agra Art’s premises.

This does not include shipping insurance.
Ask your Agra consultant whether it is possibly to add shipping insurance to your on-site package.

Our packing guide is currently under construction but your Agra consultant can easily guide you through the process. We have helped countless clients ship their items to Poland from all over the world.

Your item sold?

We will send out your money within 2 weeks of us receiving it from the buyer. We can transfer to anywhere in the world and in most currencies. We do, however, operate in PLN (Polish zlotys), so currency exchange rates may apply.

If you would like to come visit us in person, we can also pay your money out in cash.


Your item didn’t sell?

We continue to offer your item for 30 days after the auction at our gallery. At the conclusion of said period we can return your item to you or discuss other options.

Commission: How much will it cost?

Our commission covers such services as:

    • professional photographs

    • experts’ services

    • auction catalogues

    • marketing

    • administrative work


Our services are fully incorporated into our commission which is usually 18% of the price at which your item sells:

If your item sells for 1000, our commission will be 180 and you will receive 820*

*As long as no additionally paid services were needed.

*We always ask your permission before we carry out any additionally paid services like re-framing or reconstructive work.

If your item is unsold working with us doesn’t cost you anything outside of the initial shipping costs.

Why sell Polish art in Poland?

We have access to top Polish art experts, so our evaluations are extremely accurate.

We have an expansive client base so we can get you the best price for your item.

Chances for sale of an art piece in its home country are always higher. More recognition means higher prices too.

All our auction are broadcast live to an international audience, so our sales are in no way limited to the Polish market.

Don’t want to wait for an auction?

We can buy your item directly from you. Check out our Direct Purchases page.

Item Information Form

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