Do I have to pay something for estimation, opinion of the painting I send?

Certainly you pay nothing for any estimation or opinion. More, you pay nothing even if your painting is included to our auction offer, even if it does not sell. It means that all costs of photos, catalogue, experts is on our side. However if you desire a written expertise we will charge you.

My painting requires restauration and frame repair, who will do it?

Any time if it is necessary to restore painting or frame we ask you for your approval, presenting detailed service cost. It is up to you - either you do not agree and leave the painting like it is (but this decreases its sale probability), or you pay for that. We can also deduct these costs after sale of the painting. Usually the minor painting restoration (cleaning) costs about 100-300 $, and complete frame costs is about 200-500$, depending , of course of the size.

Can I ship you a painting for auction?

Of course. Please refer to our section Shipping guide where you can find all necessary informations about shipping procedure, and you can also download specimens of documents required with shipping.

How will I be paid after succesful sale?

We can easily transfer you the money by bank to any place in the world. You are paid 2 weeks after the lot is paid. If you happen to come to our beatiful country we can, certainly, give you cash :))

What will happen in my painting does not sell? Can I take it back ? 

You can hear somewhere that it is impossible to take out of the Poland the objects that were created before 1945. It is not exactly true, as the restrictions apply to objects older than 55 years and depening on value and media. If an object arrived from an EU country then it can be re-send back under certain terms , more information about this can be found in our shipping info section. If a lot arrives from outside EU, than returning is also possible and is done upon conditional custom clearance.


How should I register for bidding ?

First , if it is the first time you want to bid on our auctions you have to register. We would ask you for your name, contact data etc and also to pay us refundable deposit. The amount of the deposit should be generally about 10% of your planned purchases at the auction. The deposit will be refunded after the auction (if your bidding was not successful) or accounted for dues for your purchases. Alternatively, you can provide us acceptable credentials from other auction houses or banks or send us your credit card info on register form that will appear on our pages soon before auction.

How can I pay the deposit ?

The quickest way is by using our SECURE SITE where you can pay online with Visa or Mastercard. You can also send us a bank transfer to one of the following accounts with Raiffaisen Bank in Warsaw : USD 81 1750 0009 0000 0000 0356 5424 or EUR 15 1750 0009 0000 0000 0356 5448

How can I bid ?

You can bid personally, by phone or using internet. When you decide to bid by phone we can assign you one of our assistants who will call you at the moment of bidding of the particular lot. You have to register first and tell us which lots you will try to bid, as well your contact number.

Can I leave a silent/absentee bid ?

Of course, if you want you can send us your order to bid - so we can bid on your behalf. After you have registered, just send us a fax pointing to the lots you want and price limits. There will be a special form available on our pages soon before the auction.

How can I pay after the successful bidding ?

According to our conditions you have to pay within 7 days after the auction , unless separately agreed. We welcome bank transfer to our account or online credit card payments (up to 2500$ value only when using online gate).

Are there any export restrictions ?

In general all lots older than 50 years and with value over certain limits will need an export licence. Please look here for a table showing values and time that exempt from licensing.

I won the bidding and want my lot to be shipped to my country. The lot requires licence. How much I have to pay for all licences? Can it be refused?

You pay nothing for a licence, but the admnistration delays can take several weeks. Currently only very rare and extremely valued items for Polish culture the export licence may not be granted .

Can you ship me my lot ?

Yes, we can pack, apply for the export licence and ship with reputable company (usually Fedex). We pack carefully in wooden boxes or rigid cartons, applying foam and bubble wrap.