Polish summer. The Duda Gracz exhibition

At the beginning of 2023, we organized the exhibition “Preludium” – the first presentation of the Wrocław collection in Warsaw. More than twenty outstanding works by Jerzy Duda Gracz were shown in the Agra Art Gallery. “Polish Summer. Duda Player at Tichauer’s” is a presentation of the entire collection. It will take place in Tychy at Tichauer Art Gallery, and the Agra Art Auction House is a partner of this event.

The collection, created over several decades, is a record of many years of acquaintance betweenthe the artist and the collector who wishes to remain anonymous. The earliest of the works were created in the 1960s, while most of them – in the 1990s. The collection of nearly 100 canvases is undoubtedly another important collection that builds the history of contemporary Polish art. The Wrocław collection is not open to the public on a daily basis. That is why we treat the “Polish Summer” exhibition as a great honor, and at the same time our considerable success – says the curator of the exhibition, Dagmara Giej-Rusnak.

The exhibition will show works presenting the most important painting cycles and individual periods of Jerzy Duda Gracz’s work. The grotesque and irony characterizing it, and at the same time the tenderness and nostalgia with which the artist presented his epoch, trying to capture the landscapes of the passing world, are the strength of this painting. The paintings of Duda Gracz at the same time amaze, amuse and provoke reflection. It turns out that this depicted world, so distant from today’s reality, is at the same time very close to contemporary Poles, endowed with deep sentiment.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog with illustrations of all presented works. During its duration, the organizers are planning accompanying events: curatorial tours and meetings with Agra art market experts. A special event will be the auction of selected 10 works from the Wrocław collection, which will be conducted by the Agra-Art Auction House, a partner of the exhibition.

Exhibition details:

Title: “Polish summer. Duda Gracz at Tichauer’s”
Duration: July 1 – September 24, 2023

Curators: Dr. Monika Bryl (Agra Art Auction House), Dagmara Giej-Rusnak (Tichauer Gallery)

Contact details: gallery@tichauer.pl, phone no. 603 159 533
Where: Tichauer Art Gallery, ul. Browarowa 21, Tychy

For assistance with bidding and registration,
please contact: agra@agraart.pl