High prices for Malczewski family paintings

On our last Fine Art auction paintings of Jacek Malczewski and his son Rafal obtained high  results after very feracious bidding.

Jacek Malczewski, 115 000 euro

Jacek Malczewski “Sefportrait with a Muse” started from 40 000 euro and ended at 115 000 euro (hammer+premium)


Rafal Malczewski, Jesien na Podhalu
Rafal Malczewski, 93 000 euro

Rafal Malczewski’s “Autumn” has reached 93 000 euro, starting from 15 000.


Wojciech Weiss, “Spanish scarf”

The pre-war, Venice Biennale exhibited, Wojciech Weiss painting brought almost 40 000 euro (hammer+premium).

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